Our range of gluten, wheat and milk free artisan loaves are available now in Sainsbury’s, Morrison's, Waitrose and online through Ocado and Amazon. Use our Store Locator to find your nearest stockist.


What is artisan bread?

Artisan means a high quality and distinctive product, made in small quantities, using traditional methods such as hand moulding. To us, it is all about creating and appreciating the finer things in life, seeking out foods with real character, made with plenty of love and care.

Great bread is one of life's little luxuries, and if you follow a gluten free diet, we don't think you should miss out.


Baking our artisan bread

At our dedicated gluten, wheat and milk free bakery in Newburn, near Newcastle, we have a team of expert bakers working on our artisan loaves.

First, they hand select the ingredients and carefully weigh them, and then mix all the ingredients together into a dough. They’re then hand moulded into cobs, or divided up and put into tins or bannetons. The loaves are put into the prover to let the yeast do its work, and then moved to our small deck ovens. Once they're baked to a golden brown perfection, they are left to cool, then hand-packed and sealed by the bakers, ready to be enjoyed by you.


Our range

Our Classic White Artisan Loaf - golden on the outside and tantalisingly soft on the inside, it's just begging to be cut into generous slices and smothered with butter, or dunked in a rich stew.

Our White Sourdough Artisan Cob - a favourite of discerning bread eaters, the dense texture and unmistakable flavour of sourdough is a perfect complement to many dishes, and makes fantastic leisurely lunches.

Our Seeded Sourdough Artisan Boule - baked with a blend of sunflower seed, linseed, poppy seed and millet seed. Enjoy with soups, sandwiches or simply cut with a generous smothering of butter  – Exclusively in Sainsbury’s.

Our Breakfast Artisan Cob - contains tasty sultanas and orange flavoured pieces to create a delicious loaf each morning – Exclusively in Sainsbury’s.


Some recipes...

Crayfish and Rocket Sourdough Sandwich
For a light and flavoursome lunch, try this gluten free Crayfish and Rocket Sandwich, served on freshly sliced Newburn Bakehouse Seeded Sourdough Artisan Boule, served with home made garlic and lemon alioli.

Sultana and Orange Cob Breakfast
An easy and delicious breakfast for a weekend morning, toast our Breakfast Artisan Cob and serve with mascarponi, sliced oranges, almonds and honey.


Other ways to enjoy our artisan bread

• A touch of luxury - Artisan bread can take your sandwich to the next level. Use our sourdough to enjoy a deli-style creation of Roquefort, walnut and rocket, or pastrami, dill pickle and wholegrain mustard – sourdough really works with these rich and robust flavours. Alternatively, go classic with an egg and watercress or steak and caramelised onion filling on our Classic White Artisan Loaf.

• Healthier choices - For a lighter bite, try a chicken Caesar salad – made with a low fat, gluten free dressing – on an open sandwich on soft white, or grilled mushrooms on sourdough toast with a good pinch of parsley. Thinly sliced and griddled, topped with salmon and dill or tomato and basil, it also makes a deliciously light bruschetta.

• Dip and dunk - Our artisan loaves come unsliced, so they're perfect for tearing and sharing. The succulently soft texture of Classic White Artisan Loaf will perfectly mop up a chunky soup or meaty stew. As for our Sourdough, try serving with a baked Camembert or cheese fondue – the savoury flavour is an ideal accompaniment to rich and gooey cheese.

• Grab a quick snack - Spread our artisan bread with your favourite pâté, soft cheese or a ripe avocado for a tasty treat in a matter of minutes. Add some olive oil or balsamic vinegar into small bowls and dip away. Or why not try it toasted and add peanut butter or cashew butter?

• Time for breakfast - Some weekends, you want to really take your time over an extra special breakfast. Our Classic White Artisan Loaf is perfect for crispy bacon sandwiches, while our Sourdough is delightful with runny egg yolk – whether you prefer it boiled with soldiers, or poached with spinach and hollandaise.